SYLF Scholarship Recipients of 2022!

Congratulations to all of our 2022 SYLF Scholarship winners! Our tutors, all of who’re full time students, have spent hours weekly, to voluntarily spread the joy of learning through the Tutors 4 Kid community. All of these tutors have been working very hard to help those who are in need from all over the nation. Let’s all acknowledge and appreciate their hard work, and hear each of their unique experiences tutoring in the Tutors 4 Kid program.

Wenxi W.

During the pandemic, the unforeseen Covid-19 surge pushed us to online learning. It was difficult for me to adapt to this new learning environment but slowly I was accustomed. Knowing many younger students were also struggling with online learning, I knew I wanted to help them overcome this and pass on my knowledge. I have truly enjoyed spending my time with these young students and teaching them something I love: Mandarin, Chinese. By learning Chinese from very young, I am always fascinated by the ideas and meaning behind each character that is so deep and rich that we can never really stop exploring. As the world continues to develop, people start to be open minded toward different cultures. I thought I would have the responsibility to promote my own heritage and teach the students who are interested in Mandarin about Chinese culture and language. Tutoring at Tutors 4 Kid not only allowed me to develop my enthusiasm to help and communicate with others but also share my knowledge about what I am passionate about to allow more younger generation to know more about their own heritage or this new culture that they may be interested in.

Jaden B.

Being a part of the program provided me the opportunity to understand the immense challenges educators face each year. People typically discuss the pressures teachers face in classrooms managing children of all ages and personalities. While true, the most challenging part often is what takes place outside of the classroom. I realized that teaching primarily involves preparation, communication, and patience. Preparation comes in the form of having the right material for those you are teaching. In my case, I needed to evaluate the level of understanding my pupil had in an area to ensure I had the proper material to review during our sessions. To effectively teach, I needed to be able to communicate my thoughts well with not only the student but also the parent. It was important the parents of the students were kept aware of the progress (or lack of) their sons and daughters were achieving. Finally, it required patience on my part to recognize everyone learns at a different pace and require different forms of encouragement to succeed. My community is assisted by students having someone to assist them in time of need and hopefully allowing them to return to school with a better understanding.

Jonathan L.

Throughout my years in tutoring and organizing for Tutors 4 Kid, I have become more patient with handling students. Each person adheres to different learning methods, so I enjoyed finding out what said method was (ex. being a visual or auditory leaner) and trying to implement the appropriate teaching strategies. It was also enlightening in trying to find homework or fun worksheets to do while also making sure to not provide too hard of material for my students to study (meant as something to do in their downtime). By contributing to our website (adding tutors, improving other aspects), I feel proud that this program has grown to become a full-fledged non-profit organization. I have also learned about the important impact of leadership – working under and with my best friend Ryan Lin has proved both stressful and rewarding at times (but of course, more rewarding by far).

Chloe L.

With the energy I dedicate to hands-on experiential education for children and my enthusiasm for community involvement and leadership, Tutors 4 Kid has provided precious experiences that have guided me toward my future career. From the first K-Camp in Summer 2021 to the Spring Chinese Workshop, I have learned to establish a good and inclusive environment in my classroom by modeling active listening and encouraging open communication, students who gain trust and confidence and are more willing to share their ideas and questions with the class. I also learned to build relationships with younger children by putting myself in their shoes and embracing their world. When I enter a room full of students, I see an opportunity for exploratory learning. Wholeheartedly engaged every time, I have developed a clearer vision of my trajectory in the program and beyond. Furthermore, I recognize myself as a rising student leader who positively influences diverse communities across different areas through understanding, patience, advocating collaboration, and public speaking. These experiences have equipped me with extensive social, empathetic, and sensory abilities that will help me in my educator journey.

Han C.

I love the all the kids from tutors 4 kid, they are smart, lovely, and thoughtful. I have build a good relationship with some of tutees and their parents. Although I am tutor and teacher, i sometime also be affect by my tutees from their positive energy. I think it is mutual beneficial for us and my tutees because we all learn the things! Additionally, I feel like there are so many students want to learn Mandarin. Since they live in a language that English surrounded, there do no that the environment and opportunity to learn and boost the skills of speaking Mandarin Chinese. Thus, that is why I wan to provide more opportunities and chance for students to practice Chinese with me. I am not only teaching them the language, I also think that introduce Chinese and Taiwanese culture to them are really crucial! It is nice to have the community to be diversity through sharing different cultures and country! Overall, I love being tutor in TUTORS 4 Kid and I hope that I can meet more new students in the future!

Once again, please congratulate all of these tutors for receiving the 2022 SYLF Scholarship!