Most frequent questions and answers

Since the beginning of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, many students have felt out of place learning at home. With Tutors 4 Kid, they can learn the online skills and the content at the same time. We hope to provide your child with the best educational support while they are at home, for as long as it takes. Our tutors consist of top-ranking students in their school with a long history of tutoring.


The classes last 45 minutes with a unique one-on-one online learning experience. This ensures good teaching quality and efficiency. As for materials to bring to class, the students’¬†homework¬†is highly recommended.¬†


Before you book, you need to head to the¬†“Meet the Team.” There, you can browse the list of tutors and either choose one you’ve previously been linked up with or meet someone new!


If your student cannot make it to class, please notify us as soon as possible¬†so we can schedule another student to take your child’s spot. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for classes, we will have to remove your student from the program after two unexcused absences.¬†


The maximum number of classes per week is two. This is done to ensure that our tutors and tutees can focus on their academics, and not be overloaded with six students every week.


There are two possibilities on why you did not receive a confirmation in your email:  

First, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail because it could have ended up there.

Second, please check that you booked the class using the correct email. 

After these steps, if you do not see your email, please contact us at tutors4kidtech@gmail.com. 

This is very simple. All you have to do is fill out the form located at the “Join the Team” page! We will send you a date for the interview and training session. Hope you can join our community!