Space Apps Experience Camp!

Magikid San Marino Lab (HOST) & Tutors 4 Kid (CO-HOST) Proudly Presents…

Space Apps Experience Camp!

This is a four day camp for students 4th grade and up. What is the NASA Apps challenge you may ask? The goal of it is to “Inspire collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.” It is an international hackathon for people of all talents to “engage” with NASA’s data and address real-world problems that are happening. Every October for two days, hundreds of people take on challenges submitted by the experts of NASA. There are also the 10 Global Awards that are handed out after judging. During these four days, students will learn about the NASA Apps challenge and several award winning projects from teams around the world.

The schedule will be 7/18-7/21 @ 10:30-11:30 am PST. This is free on zoom.

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