SYLF Scholarship Recipients Of 2024!

We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to all the accomplished recipients of the 2024 SYLF Scholarships! The recipients of this year have been a part of the Tutors 4 Kid program since 2020! Our exceptional high school tutors have dedicated substantial amounts of time each week to voluntarily foster a love for learning within the Tutors 4 Kid community. These dedicated tutors have demonstrated exceptional diligence in assisting students in need from across the nation. Let’s hear each recipients personal journey of growth while being a part of the Tutors 4 Kid community.

Nicholas J.

Throughout my time with Tutors 4 Kid, I’ve learned the importance of patience, empathy, and tailored teaching. This came from the many different children I tutored that each had their own style of learning- requiring a different approach towards different people. The significance of tailored teaching stemmed from building a supportive, engaging, and mostly fun learning environment. Through hard trial and error, I learned that a more carefree and less intense environment with more implemented play and breaks was often more helpful in regards to the students retaining information. Although volunteering for Tutors 4 Kid was one of the first things I did to positively impact the community, I was able to realize how crucial doing kind and warmhearted deeds is toward the community. I have since then carried this ideal throughout my high school academic and athletic career by being the first athlete to not participate in a varsity sport to make our school’s Athletic Council of Leadership and by generally being more confident and comfortable when volunteering and meeting new people every day.

Natalie S.

With every click into my weekly tutoring sessions, I enter a completely new world of passionate speeches and squiggly whiteboard masterpieces. In this universe, time loses all meaning as I begin to create sparks of understanding in my students. By getting to nurture their authentic excitement, I believe that teaching and learning become one. I have not only been able to push my tutees towards a more well-rounded understanding of their studies, but also gained a wealth of knowledge myself on different learning styles, abilities, and passions. Working with Tutors 4 Kid even gave me the ability to become a mentor to some students, which has taught me tenfold of what I have taught others about teaching, learning, and connecting with the community. Such community only grows each time I tutor, for I embrace the complexly beautiful web between both teaching and learning and push others to do the same.

Please congratulate all of these tutors for receiving the 2024 SYLF Scholarship!