SYLF Scholarship Recipients Of 2023!

We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to all the accomplished recipients of the 2023 SYLF Scholarships! Our exceptional high school tutors have dedicated substantial amounts of time each week to voluntarily foster a love for learning within the Tutors 4 Kid community. These dedicated tutors have demonstrated exceptional diligence in assisting students in need from across the nation. Let’s hear each recipients personal journey of growth while being a part of the Tutors 4 Kid community.

Emily Z.

“Tutoring students virtually since the Covid pandemic surge provided the opportunity for me to make connections with kids of different ages and totally different behaviors. With these facts in mind, before each lesson I would spend time preparing interesting and fun worksheets to keep them focused in class. Soon it caught my attention of the challenges educators had to face teaching students virtually, and the responsibility they carry on their shoulders. However any issues could be resolved with effective communication such as writing emails to parents and taking time to work with students patiently. From another perspective, students also found learning virtually a challenge as well. Many students couldn’t focus because their learning environment was the most comfortable, which is at home and possibly in the bedroom. Still, I cannot forget the times when kindergarteners decided to play hide-and-seek with me and forever disappeared behind the camera. I’ve grown from tutoring one child to tutoring many children in a classroom setting such as the weekly Chinese workshop. Becoming a tutor in a classroom setting taught me the importance of education and giving back to the community. Thanks to this program, I was allowed to give back to the community by assisting the younger generation of students succeed at school and contribute their learnings to the society.”

Jenaye C.

“My first experience with online tutoring came through my involvement with Tutor 4 Kids. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt compelled to contribute to the education of children who lacked adequate resources. Tutor 4 Kids stood out to me as a user-friendly platform, benefiting both students and tutors by simplifying scheduling and navigation. It granted tutors the freedom to choose their preferred subjects and tutoring times, while ensuring a diverse pool of students to work with. My time at Tutor 4 Kids fostered personal growth as I interacted with students across various grade levels.. I remember times when I would be getting kids from kindergarten, elementary, and middle school in all of the same week. This diverse range of students constantly challenged me and allowed me to gain valuable experience in adapting to different learning styles and individual needs. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to engage with new students regularly, as it has enriched my tutoring journey. Beyond Tutor 4 Kids, I have also made a community impact through my involvement in multiple platforms. Locally, I serve as a Sunday School teacher at my church, leading worship sessions and teaching Bible stories. Nationally, Tutor 4 Kids enables me to reach out to students across the United States. To reach out to even more people, I joined Cross Cultures, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting international students in learning English and understanding American culture. Within Cross Cultures, I take on the role of project leader for Peer to Peer, where I both tutor students and provide supervision and guidance to fellow tutors.”

Sophia S.

“Having the privilege to tutor and act as the STEM programs director for Tutors4Kid over the course of the past 3 years has been invaluable and transformative. Initially, joining the team as a timid sophomore with a desire to find an outlet to help others with my passion for science, my time at this nonprofit has offered me far more than what I initially bargained for. Quickly, I established strong bonds with returning students whilst working through academic hurdles and celebrating mental breakthroughs. Across all seasons of my life, this role has continued to be a blessing in every aspect, encouraging me to both follow my passions while inspiring involvement in my own community. Being a part of Tutors 4 Kid has allowed me to recognize my ability to make irreplaceable, lasting impact while providing opportunities to offer accessible academic resources to students across the globe. Because of this experience, I have gained a new perspective on how I once viewed my own ability to create true change. Now, I hold an unshakeable belief that even the smallest change can be impactful. Personal experiences like these contribute most to my fervency for pursuing involvement in my own community today.”

Please congratulate all of these tutors for receiving the 2023 SYLF Scholarship!