SYLF Scholarship Recipients Announced!

During this pandemic, our tutors have worked extremely hard to help tutees in need! This is why Showcase Your Love Foundation decided to offer tutors going to college scholarships, and finally, the winners have been announced! Congratulations to our winning recipients of our SYLF scholarship!

“What have you learned by tutoring in the Tutors 4 Kid program about teaching and learning? How are you impacting the community?” Let’s hear what our tutors say.

Doris C.

“As a tutor of the program, I find curating lesson plans and creatively solving problems to be simple responsibilities. However, what initiates meaning to my work is the teaching aspect itself. Through meeting a wide variety of students and parents in this program, I was able to develop tactics for teaching, gain confidence, and learn more about myself and the stories of others. In tutoring, I see a purposeful and versatile way to subtly advocate for volunteerism, yet what I love most is the fusion of the endless stories one can learn in this program with a selfless heart of service. I have learned to be patient through tutoring in this pandemic, utilizing both my observations from the Zoom screen and soft-spoken attentiveness to spark insightful conversations during tutoring sessions. I have learned to come out of my introverted shell of fear, encouraging my tutees to be confident while encouraging them to pursue their passions. As I envision myself working with other individuals in the near future, I believe my resourcefulness, empathy, patience, and passion for innovation I have garnered through tutoring through this program will be requisites for all my future endeavors.”

Tracy L.

“Before joining Tutors 4 Kid this big family, I have never thought about being a tutor or doing any educational works, and I was very interested when I saw the purpose and intention of it. While facing the pandemic, everything goes difficult and everyone becomes hard, so I do think that it’s time to do something to make it better and give help as much as I can, even just in a small way. To be honest, I felt extremely nervous in my first class, and I asked some of my friends who are doing tutor or babysitter as well before it, they all gave me a great deal of useful advice and their experiences. As an educator, I would say it’s important to be flexible. Each student has their personalities and characters, educator should properly change the ways of teaching depending on variable students. Sometimes I feel like I become another person, for example, I need to switch my tone if the student is only in kindergarten. We need to find the most appropriate method for each one. Not only me but also all my students are givers, they give me so much joy, appreciation, and sense of achievement that are quite valuable in my life. Finally, I am lucky to have this such a good opportunity to help somebody out and understand the sense of responsibility to be an instructor and organizer, meanwhile, I learn and enjoy a lot from it.”

Emily J.

“Two days before I started my first session, I asked my student the topics that I should prepare. He said he needed assistance on inequalities. There is a fine line between teaching and knowing. I am well-educated in my algebra classes, but I didn’t know how to convey my understanding to others. So I watched some videos and planned out my lesson. (These videos also helped me in my AP Calc final exam, so the saying “teaching is learning twice” is very much precise) I felt so accomplished when he utilized the tricks and ideas that he had learned from me. It was at that time that I saw a possible route to an education career. This program gives me the opportunity to connect with children and discover my passion along the way. I wouldn’t say that I became more organized (even though I did plan out my lessons), but I will say that I have become more responsible–not just for myself, but for those who sent me “thank you” letters and for those who attended my session with a smile on a lazy afternoon. It really made my quarantine days meaningful.”

Katherine S.

“Going into my first ever tutoring session, I never expected for a third-grade girl to change my life. One of the students that I tutored, Abby, had such an infectious spirit that she made our early morning Sunday sessions extremely enjoyable. Having her tell me “I love your classes” is the highlight of my entire week and her cracking up at my jokes was just as valuable as any other tangible reward. As I taught Abby prepositions and participles, she indirectly taught me to realize the difference I can make in someone else’s life. Furthermore, her capabilities as a student surprised me, leading me to become aware of how my prejudicial stereotyping and misjudgment could have prevented her from achieving her goals. I didn’t expect to see myself reflected in her. Growing up, I also struggled to obtain support and guidance from my immigrant parents. Just as how I was a tutor for Abby, she was also a tutor for me—teaching me to become a brighter person and to keep doing beneficial acts for the community. I found out that leaders do not need a title but can emerge from simple acts of being a support system for passionate students.”

Again, congratulations to winning recipients of our SYLF scholarship. Let’s applaud them for their hard work! Have a great summer and best of luck in the years to come!